Activities / Projects

Working group 10 is currently preparing the second edition of IEC 61850. This second edition is incorporating new requirements from other applications using IEC 61850, new models for power quality and corrections and clarifications ("TISSUES") to the existing specification.

The work to solve the tecnical issues ("TISSUES") is based on a close cooperation with the UCA international usersgroup which is the users group for IEC 61850.

Several working groups of IEC are basing their work on IEC 61850. TC57 / WG10 has a cooperation with these working groups:

TC57 / WG17: Communications Systems for Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
TC57 / WG18: Hydroelectric Power Plants - Communication for Monitoring and Control
TC88 / Project Team PT 61400-25: Communication Standard for Control and Monitoring of Wind Turbin Plants

In addition, TC57 / WG10 has a cooperation with TC57 / WG13 and WG14 through TC57 / WG19 "Harmonization".